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Partners of the PHASE division

Updated on 04/03/2017
Published on 01/29/2013

How are the partners of the PHASE division?

Our Partners

■Each year, around 130 new contracts are signed(total value 11 M€). These contractual resources come from private companies and the agricultural profession (1/4), from the European Union (1/4), and from other institutional partners: local and regional authorities, ministries, public and semi-public organisations (1/2).

■For many years, our socio-economic partnershave been industrial enterprises in animal nutrition, animal breeding and veterinary pharmaceuticals. More recently, we have developed partnerships with medical pharmaceutical and several new biotechnology companies to develop products for animal breeding and human health.With our partners in agricultural development, our traditional relationships are evolving towards more focused and lasting collaborations, in particular with the creation of joint technological units.

■ The European Union has an important role in the orientation of our research. Scientists of the PHASE Division are involved in thirty European projects. They collaborate  with most of the laboratories and research institutions of the different European countries.

■ The Division is at the heart of one of the areas of innovation on which INRA is committed to intensify its efforts: Precision lifestock. In this context, we are attentive to all possibilities of co-construction of innovative projects relating to the breeding of domestic animals.

We work in partnership

■with any type of structure: private companies and cooperatives, professional organizations, research  institutes and  laboratories, local authorities, associations...

■and in different forms: research contract, service delivery, expertise, thesis grant, development of innovation, exploitation of patents, business start ...

To organize our future collaboration, contact us: